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I Wanna Be Your Underwear lyrics


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     I Wanna Be Your Underwear
    >> Bryan Adams
    i wanna be your t-shirt when its wet
    wanna be the shower when you sweat
    i gotta be the tattoo on your skin
    ya lemme me be your bed baby- when you climb in
    i wanna be the sheets when you sleep
    lemme be the secrets that you keep
    i gotta be the spoon to still your cream
    i wanna be the one that really makes you SCREAM
    i wanna be- your lipstick- when you lick it
    i wanna be- your high heels when ya kick it
    i wanna be- your sweet love babe- ya when you make it
    from your feet up to your hair- more than anything i swear-
    i wanna be- your UNDERWEAR
    i wanna be the itch that you scratch
    lemme be your chair when u relax
    i gotta be the razor when you shave
    wanna be the habit that really makes you crave
    i wanna be be- your hot tub- when your dippin
    i wanna be your bathrobe- when your drippin
    i wanna be your cocktail- when your sippin
    i just wanna be right there- more than anything i swear-
    i wanna be- your UNDERWEAR
    wanna be your sleepin bag- baby slip inside
    lemme be your motorcycle- take ya for a ride- alright
    i wanna be- your hotsauce- when your cookin
    i wanna be your sunglasses- hey goodlookin!
    i wanna be- wanna be the one- ya stick your hook in
    i just wanna be right there more than anything i swear...
    oh yeah i wanna be- your UNDERWEAR!!!
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